Hyman Ltd.


Hyman Ltd. is a top-notch client we've teamed up with. 🚗

They're known for running the finest consignment program in the industry, specializing in high-end classic cars.

Our monthly mission? Taking charge of their SEO, crafting print ad designs 🖋️, curating yearly car calendars 🗓️, and skillfully managing their social media presence across various platforms 📱.

We're all about creating captivating videos and eye-catching photos to supercharge their online visibility and bolster brand recognition 🚀!

But that's not all, folks! Every quarter, we dive into an epic 12-hour filming day. What's the star of the show? Classic Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Bentleys, and a whole lot more! 🎥🏎️💨

😩  Client Problem:

Inconsistent posting and content creation.

Different marketing services under different roofs. No real direction or brand identity across social platforms.

😄  Brotherdale Solution:

Consistent content creation and posting on all platforms.

Bringing their video production, SEO, graphic design, and more - all under one roof! 🏠

Providing direction and clarity on their social media platform brand.

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