The Team.

Meet the people who make anything possible.

Hunter Frankin

CEO & Pays All the Bills

Grew up in a town with a population of 502 with a dream to make an impact. Built a Minecraft server and made money selling memberships. Crafted hand-made paracord survival bracelets in grade school. Designed & sold Christian t-shirts. Picked up a camera and started capturing the world. Now on a mission to build Brotherdale™ and help businesses & brands grow with creative marketing. Joyfully married to my amazing wife, Julia! Jesus is King.

Marcus Taylor

CEO & Has Mastered the Art of Video

Dropped out of college and moved back home with $500 to create videos for a living. Created Brotherdale™ to change the game in the content world. We're taking over!Unfazed. Happily married and father to 2 cats.

Daniel Lopez

Creative Director

Musician, Happily Married and Father of Two, Creative Director, Owner of Cedar Sessions Music, Southern Illinois Native but Born in California, Leadership Development Connoisseur, Jesus Follower.

Picture of Perry Pertersen

Perry Petersen

Head of Editors & Tech Wizard

Born at a young age, video pioneer— Left my hometown of Iowa to become the first Brotherdale™ team member.
Edited for YouTubers across the country, organizations, also retired network engineer 👨🏻💻

Colton Bushue

Black Belt Photographer & Metro's Dad

Dog Dad.

Guitar Player.

Car Destroyer.

& Everything photo.

Picture of Brenden Femmiano

Breden Femiano

Authentic New York Salesmen & New Client Acquisition

Left the finance world selling annuities to selling state-of-the-art creative services with a killer team.
Loves mozzarella, CrossFit, and energy drinks.
I'll give you the best customer experience infused with a touch of Italian energy!

Picture of Brenden Femmiano

Julia Franklin

5-Star Lunch-maker & Social Media Manager

Lover of food and "mom of the studio." Has an eye for branding, social media, and aesthetics.
Married to Hunter and we love traveling the world together!

Colby Ryan

Owner of the Internet & Builds Websites

Hey there, I'm Colby Ryan, a Christ follower and  full-stack dev who's all about coding and design. When I'm not glued to the screen, you'll catch me out in the wild with my golden retriever Remi, enjoying the simple things like hunting, fishing, and hiking.